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Hey everybody!

What's up? Yeah, I figured I should try and do an update before January goes by.

I've begun my last semester at BG, which still isn't quite sinking in. Classes feel as though they'll go by without many problems, although picking Chinese back up after two years is a tad difficult. It appears I will manage though.

With spring semester in full swing, that also means Animarathon prep has gone into full gear. I've no idea what to expect this year, but as long as attendance goes up, I'll be happy. We've got some interesting plans put forward, and I hope they'll help improve the con as a whole. The big one we're looking into is using the university online store space provided to clubs to "sell" pre-registration, essentially just guaranteeing you a program and getting you a shirt for cheaper than you would at the con itself. That way we could start estimating attendance. But really, there's alot to cover, so who knows if we'll pull that off or not.

Speaking of anime, Ohayocon is tomorrow. Not only am I attending with many other ANO members, but am actually co-hosting a panel. Possibly two. Exciting to be sure.


Life in the apartment has been enjoyable. One of the roommates had work done on her jaw, meaning no solid foods for six (three done as of now) weeks. It sounds miserable, but she's taken it fairly well, and the rest of us have tried to come up with foods/snacks that work out.

We've also left up our Christmas decorations:

Offhand, I'd say it was because we didn't have them up for that long, and all four of us enjoy the lights at night.

But really, we're just too lazy to take decorations down and just let the holiday seasons bleed into one another, as this picture shows.


Break happened, that was alot of fun. It's crazy to have Saker permanently back, although weird to that be so while not having the group back together.

But that's not to say there wasn't comradery.
Adorable, adorable platonic male comradery.


Despite awkward abandonments by several, there was much hanging out and fun to be had, mainly by Chuck, Saker, and I. If I had to sum up Winter Break 2008 in one word, it would probably be:


Board games, video games, movies, we did alot of zombie related activities, and were they ever fun. Left 4 Dead is officially the game that made me regret not getting a 360.

It's holy shit amazing.

But alas, I must focus on financial survival for quite some time. At least the three console developers have for all intents and purposes said they're going to sit on this generation a while. A failing economy is good for something at least.

That and raiding failing businesses for dirt cheap stuff. Namely Godzilla figures and a working copy of Dynasty Warriors 5.

Alot of Godzilla figures.

Poor Baby Gamera had no idea he was in the wrong part of town.


You know, I think I'll call that a night. I'll post meme stuff and more importantly an Ohayocon rundown later.


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