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Poke'-G Warlord

Man, I used to love doing this. I got bitter as I watched more and…

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Poke G
Man, I used to love doing this. I got bitter as I watched more and more friends slack, their updates becoming infrequent and scarce. Now I've joined the club, and I'm trying to figure out why.

Not that it takes a ton of retrospect, though. I think the varied reasons are fairly obvious.

To start, I have long been of the belief that one does not read a post if one does not leave a comment. While blatantly untrue, the mindset stands and I try to comment on every post I read, as best I can. Shorter entries are both harder to comment on and not as likely to garner interest, so I got into the habit of making long entries. After my last trip to Japan, making sure the post was saturated with photos joined that habit. From there, two problems arise. The first is that such posts take a significant chunk of time to do, with the other being that when I didn't have photos or they weren't uploaded and ready, I didn't feel like posting. Couple that with Facebook's ability to keep people up to date on little things, and it takes forever for the desire to post to coincide with having enough new meaningful material.

Which at the moment is ridiculous seeing that I'm living abroad. Really I should have more material than I could ever want.

Considering FaceBook, many people losing interest in LJ and checking infrequently contributes to a feeling of "What's the point?" I tried to fix that when I linked this up to FaceBook to post automatically (Something I think everyone should do). It's just too bad that FaceBook has such a shitty interface for blogs; all the fun html stuff I use is often omitted in the importation since they use the more "modern" version of html that eliminated scrolling, blinking, many size alterations, and such.

Of course, you Facebook people could always just click the link at the top of all imported blogs to take you to the source.

You know, just saying.


There's a better interface for commenting there too.


Did you click the damn link yet?

Also FaceBook revolves around tagging which gets annoying. I am of the opinion that tags are exclusive invites. If the poster bothered to tag people, and you were not among them, then the post was not for you and what business have you in commenting. With no tags, you place trust that your friends will see you have posted, read it and comment. Also, if tags are made, the people who aren't tagged are left to wonder why they weren't, wether deliberate or accidental. Thus with all that considered, I simply don't tag unless it's something important for an individual or group.

The reverse of this is what I really hate about tags, the desperate grab for attention. People who tag to the limit to remind people that they are there and making a post, or to maximize spread of a meme. It's worse when they acknowledge the previous mindset and tell people that they can comment even if they weren't tagged (And I've seen plenty of Facebook friends pull this). Sure, everyone blogs in hopes that people will read, but tagging like this is digitally screaming:




But then people are also leaving Facebook for Twitter, which really irks me. And I'll try and stop here before this segways from my original intent any further.

What was my original intent... ?

Oh, yes. So with an abundance of free time at work today, I decided to try and get back into the swing of things. In truth, just as I haven't been blogging myself, neither have I been reading others, and there are a few I really do want to follow. I've decided to try and readjust to primarily text based postings. Picture updates won't disappear, but I do want to eliminate the mindset that they are necessary to create a post at all.

And seeing as during my weeks at Higashi I have my laptop with no net (like today), I can just type up me blog in Notepad and post it when I get home.

Ha October, I've made a post before you passed.


Also, it was late October five years ago when Saker, Chuck, and Andy first convinced me to blog. I wondered at the time if I'd still be using this five years later.

I wouldn't have believed the answer as "Yes, and from Japan too."

Along with that milestone, another more tragic one comes as well. Geocities goes offline today, and with it, much of my highschool experience. I saved what I could from LewisVerse and Pocket Gojira, but SLF was already gone, and there's no way to feasibly save QNA2K without access. When saving page by page without logging in, Geocities cuts off bandwith far too often.

Alas, I'll miss being able to reminisce every so often.

Still trying to bring one of those sites back via PHP. But that's a slow process thanks to stupid languages.


And, since you were robbed of it in my last entry due to manga cafe time limits, I give you the return of:


Hello pre-made five dollar bentou box. I'm back in crazy land again, aren't I?

Omuraisu, which is a Japanese bastardization of Omelet Rice. Big ball of rice, wrapped in delicious scrambled egg. Often topped with ketchup as seen here, but I've seen other toppings.

Apparently melon soda is radioactive.

I did not know this.


(Hopefully another shall surface soon.)
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