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October 21st, 2008

Yay For October!

Considering I didn't even cover everything I wanted to last post, I should get to this before too much piles up.

I've really lost the rhythm for updating LJ, I need to get back into a bi-weekly grove (ideally).

As per the subject heading, it is now October. I am overjoyed in this fact as a year ago I was in a nation that doesn't properly celebrate one of the greatest month's ever.

Oh yeah, greatest month ever. I missed you cold nights and Halloweeny atmosphere.

But I get ahead of my self slightly, let us pick up where I left off once upon a previous entry.

Which in rereading, I find wasn't much outside of a tour of me place of residency.


Let's recap life through a photo blitz.Collapse )

What else is going on...

Went home for Fall Break a week ago, which went alright. I got to at least see everyone again and Step Brothers. I tried to get the lot of people to go to the Scaregrounds, but that ended in epic fail, and then I went home.

But I did get out to the haunted house held near BG in Maumee. That's where I took the above picture. I ended up going with a few members of the anime and Japanese club and most of the Japanese exchange students, and had a ton of fun. Terror Town has a few large animatronics, one of them a twenty foot devil, although the highlight was probably one of the Japanese guys, Rei, shouting "I have to pee!" over and over again after one of the displays jumped out at him.

If all goes well I'm going to a different event in Michigan with the housemates and a few different people this Saturday.

Man I've missed this stuff.


Well, Chuck was the only taker of the last meme to ask back, and here were his five:

1.) Having completed the first of 5 presidential debates, as well as the first vice-presidential debates, where do you stand? I remember you were leaning toward Obama for a while, but you admitted that depending on the useage of Palin, you could be persuaded back over to the party you are registered with.

Well, to be honest, I did miss the VP debate. However I can say that the excitement and optimism I had for Palin when the announcement was first made has been whittled away. She may even be the biggest factor costing McCain the election should he lose.

That said, I still don't know who to vote for. I like both candidates and where one falters, the other makes up, so I'm pretty much stuck in the middle at the moment.

2.) What issues do matter to you in this presidential election, and why?

How the Hell are they going to manage the bailout and keep it from being the equivalent of this:

Withdrawing from Iraq without making the mess we've made worse.

While not a terribly pertinent issue, I like Obama's stance on healthcare.

3.) If asked by a romantic partner, who you trust, would you beat a homeless person for a Klondike bar?

Probably not. I actually don't like Klondike Bars that much. There are far better ice cream bars out there.

4.) How long has it been since you last lost the game?

I hate you.

5.) If, in a game of apples to apples, you were judging, and the green card "Flavorful" was drawn, which would you pick out of a)Angry Rhinos, b)Helen Keller, c) The Holocaust, d)The Great Depression, and e)Pokemon?


493 flavors and counting...


While on the topic of Chuck Memes:

So, here's how it works:
1. Open your library (iTunes, Winamp, Media Player, iPod, etc)
2. Put it on shuffle
3. Press play
4. For every question, type the song that's playing
5. When you go to a new question, press the next button
6. Don't lie and try to pretend you're cool...
7. When you're finished tag some other people to do it!

Do note, my music folder is filled with all sorts of audible trinkets, as Evil and Angry Man Eating Flea should have let you know long ago. This meme further reflects this fact, and so...

Opening credits:
Metropolis Zone - Metaljonus

Waking up:
Audiotrack 20 - Gundam Wing Soundtrack

First day of school:
Remember His Name - Jurassic 5

Falling in love:
Hero - Machinae Supremacy

First Song:
Exodus From the Underground Fortress - Akira OST

Fight Song:
Chemical Juice - Jivemaster

Breaking Up:
Ghost Circus - MazeDude (Insanely fitting)

Orson Welle's 1938 War of the Worlds Broadcast (all 57:09 of it, although it would make for poor dancing)

Water on the Dancefloor WIP - Akumajobelmon

Mental Breakdown:
A Few Words from the Bride - Uma Thurman

Venus Signed Banana Peel - Injury and Aquas

Gerudo Peeples - Scott Peeples

Getting back together:
Doggy Dog - Yoko Kanno (What the Hell?)

McVaffeQuasi Ultimix - McVaffe

Birth of child:
Link's Underworld Pressurecooker - Wrenchpilot

Final Battle:
Matsuri Japan - Re-Venge (Excellent)

Death Scene:
Morning Sunlight - Sephire, Sirrus

Funeral Song:
Yoshi's Lullaby - McVaffe (again, fitting)

End Credits:
El Salsa - DJ Pretzel


And one last one for the road:

1. Where is your cell phone? - In my pocket.

2. Your significant other? - In the space between spaces.

3. Your hair? - My head, face, arms, chest, legs, and... well you see where this is going.

4. Your brother? - In the space between spaces.

5. Your sister? - Case A) In her room, across the hall. Case B) Not far enough away.

6. Your favorite thing? - Faraway Monster Island.

7. Your dream last night? - Uh, my brain?

8. Your favorite beverage? - In the upstairs refrigerator.


10. The room you're in? - Bowling Green

11. Your ex? - Not up for discussion, sorry folks.

12. Your fear? - On Mars.

13. Where do you want to be in 10 years? - No idea, every place has its advantages and drawbacks.

14. Where were you last night? - Home.

15. What you're not? - Where is What I'm not? This question sucks.

16. Muffins? - Not here, that's for sure.

17. One of your wish list items? - At a store, specifically their electronic section.

18. Where you grew up? - Hel... Youngstown, OH

19. The last thing you did? - I've never had sex with "things". Next question.

20. What are you wearing? - THIS IS NOT A "WHERE IS" QUESTION! YOU FAIL!

21. Your TV? - Off to my right.

22. Your pets? - Sadly far from here.

23. Your computer? - This question is so dumb I can't even begin to fathom the stupidity required to ask it.

24. Your life? - Earth, third planet of the Sol System.

25. Your mood? - Again, my brain?

26. Missing someone? - Another Logistics error, next question.

27. Your car? - Parked outside.

28. Something you're not wearing? - My closet.

29. Favorite Place? - Hmmmm, a tough question. I don't think I can answer that.

30. Your summer? - When, you stupid meme. This is a "when" question.

31. Love someone? - In private.

32. Your favorite color? - All around the known universe.

33. Last time you laughed? - My room.

34. Last time you cried? - My old, old room.

35. Who will repost this? - Where are they? I have no idea.



Spoiler free for your enjoyment!

I already have the Japanese version, as those of you with excellent LJ memories should remember. However playing it in a language I don't fully understand was slow and time consuming. Eventually I got to a major plot point and realized I had missed what had happened. I stopped, checked online, found out it was something of huge ramification, and then stopped lest I miss too much of the story. The point was delivered in round about dialogue, that didn't say exactly what happened, which is to say it did, but in doing so skipped over the basics which a student of the foreign language is looking for.

Play the game and I can explain better after the first chapter.

Now I can play the full game at a reasonable pace, although I learned that, had I continued playing from where I left off in Japanese, the plot point I missed was kind of shoved in the face of the player. Extensively. So had I played for another five minutes or so, I would have figured out what happened.

On that note, I am a little over four hours into the game after a day, and wow. There are some obvious reasons I think Nintendo didn't want this one crossing the Pacific officially. Which is ultimately their loss. This game was a chance for Nintendo to show they're willing to push their audience, and if they had let the 64 (they are the same game, this has been well established) version run its course, Nintendo would have potentially had an RPG to challenge Sony with. Unfortunately I must say potentially, as Shigesato Itoi's skill at manipulating 3D scenes is untested. What we did get to see did show potential though.

Whatever, the case, we the Earthbound fans finally get to play the next chapter, sadly acknowledging Nintendo's loss. It's a good game, if only Nintendo didn't buy into the bullshit ideas that killed the Saturn.

Later kids.

September 30th, 2008

September's Over?

Evil Lord Dictator

Kind of let the entire month go by, almost without updating. Sorry 'bout that everyone.

So... what's been going on?

Ah, yeah, that's nice.


Cool, that's cool.

Me? We'll I'm well into Year Five I guess. It's not so bad, aside from being the final year, meaning I am supposed to have a halfway decent idea of what I'd like to be doing a year from now.

In the real world.

Which as of about a week ago became a very scary and financially unstable place.

At least classes are going alright. In fact, I am learning, or rather relearning, just how much I liked math. I'm back in Calculus (Calc 2 to be precise), and I am kicking its ass. Although it is giving the occasional headache in defense. It's a lot better than what I feared would happen, ie I remember nothing of Calc at all and fail the course viciously and humiliatingly.

Although the humiliation angle is still slightly there as every student but me in that class seems to be a freshman. And there are rough spots. We reviewed definite integrals today and the professor calls on me to get the problem started.

I explained I hadn't seen a definite integral in five years.

But life goes on.

Hey, here's an idea, how about a tour of the apartment.Collapse )


The Five Question Interview Meme is back. Alicia asked me five questions and I answered. Comment asking for an interview, and I'll give you five of my own.

1.) If you encountered Godzilla in reality, what would you do?

Did you see Cloverfield? Kinda like that, only I'd be chasing Godzilla down to film him.

2. If all the anime were to disappear off the face of the earth forever, except for one, which would be played on tv over and over 24-7, which would you save?

I'd say Akira, but it's much too easy for one movie to get old. This is a pretty cliche' answer, but Cowboy Bebop. Adult Swim has kept it going for a reason.

3. What do you like best about college life?



...You know... I have no idea. That answer changes depending on what's going on at the given time. College life sent me to Japan, gave some great experiences, and others I'd love to forget.

Running a con is pretty sweet. I'll go with that.

4. Would you rather be a pirate or a ninja, and why?

Pffft, ninja, duh. Why would I ever prefer drunken smelly buffoonery over being a disciple of the shadows and allied with mutant reptiles, Irish doctors, and Gray Fox.

5. What would you like to see as the next big advance in video gaming?

2-D gaming and simpler graphics to reemerge and become a constant and respected genre among the big three. If Mega Man 9 does well enough, who knows what could be next.

Mega Man X9?
Streets of Rage 4?
Super Mario Bros. 4? (Or 5 if you consider World to be 4, which it pretty much is.)


Why do I love making cookies so? I've already utilized the new kitchen once so far, and I immediately restocked supplies and am ready to make more at a moments whim.


So I just got back from a screening of Nerdcore Rising, a documentary about MC Frontalot's first national tour (and nerdcore hiphop in general as a side). I'm not a fan of hiphop in general, so the content is really the only draw to the genre, but the film was really good.


44 words


The PSP Campaign in a nutshell.

A nutshell you can take outside.


That's all for now kids. Play the meme and I'll be back again.


August 14th, 2008

Holy crap man. I only posted once in all of July. Poor form, sorry folks.

What's been happenin'? A lot, actually.

Currently I'm posting from the Student Union at BG, seeing as I have so recently moved here and not yet have acquired the internets. We're working on that one.

What's new, well as I said, I moved back to BG where I'm sharing an apartment with Steph and friends. That's the biggest developement so far. That and acquiring the family Cavalier as mine own. That will greatly help out in ANO matters, and I guess Japanese Club too.

Oh, and I guess it means I could be stopping by every once in a while, and not just vacations. Could be. No guarantees.

Also went to St. Louis almost a month ago. Fun city, although visiting decrepit relatives hinders the amount of free time one has there. Granma isn't really in any shape to be leaving her ward, let alone visit the greatest free zoo on the planet. Yeah, that's right, free. I love St. Louis, they are what happens when townsfolk vote for their levies (happily and without communal blackmail) and park systems and republicans.

Okay, I'm not so sure on that last one, but Youngstown is the complete opposite of St. Louis, so it's a safe bet.


It's much more funny if you've seen Godzilla, King of the Monsters.


So the other day I rented Earth Killer and went down to Columbus to pick up furniture from a relative. Earth Killer is the name I have dubbed the gargantuan truck required to perform said task. EK's floor started at just below my waist, and it's tires were even bigger. I won't even try to tell you the MPG it told me it got. Why any company would support such a helpful device in an anti-Gore monstrosity like that is beyond me. Any sane customer looking to buy a new vehicle would (or should) look at the read-out and refuse to drive it out of the lot.

On the reverse end, Earth Killer could crush hordes of cars in its wake, and I can't begin to tell you how tempting doing so is when some idiot in a Volkswagon is going 60mph in the fast lane. Perhaps this is what it feels like to pilot the Gundam, or maybe the Super X.

I wish I had taken a picture, but A)my camera is on the fritz and B) I'm using school computers which makes uploading time consuming and difficult.

It was one of these. Too bad there's no size reference in those pictures. Suffice it to say, they could rape Jeff's truck.

In summary, it was fun to drive for a day, but I weep for anyone who owns (or even wants to)one of these sins against humanity.


Lunch now, more posts in the near future, preferable when I get internet.

Later. (and no, I'm not in A-Town til Saturday)

July 16th, 2008

Nope, no siree. In fact it looks like I move back to BG Aug 11, which means I've got less than a month.



So, it's been a while. Even longer considering the last post I did (while hilarious at the time of posting) didn't say much.

'Cept I had me a ton of cookies.

Various stuffs been happening. I turned 23 a few weeks back; family and friends went out to Sawa's to celebrate. Tried to see Forbidden Kingdom but lack of time/interest prevented that. No big deal.

Fourth of July happened. Austintown lacks patriotism, and forced its residents to seek elsewhere for firework shows. Ended up in Canfield for a decent show.

Saker came back, twice. And last weekend's visit rocked this world. We ended up karaokeing out at Quaker Steak and Lube. Very few people signed up, and so we sang numerous entries. That alone made it a good night, but the guy decided to stay till close, giving us more time at the mic. I think I did seven songs in all... let's see...

Dare to Be Stupid - Weird Al classic, and a great warm up for me since it's relatively easy to sing.

Welcome to the Jungle - I had wanted to sing it in Guns N Roses high pitch, but came off really low in the first verse. Like, It's My Life low, and thus next I sang...

It's My Life - Saker demanded it, as Chuck has for quite some time. It's been ages, and I hadn't done that with my voice in so long I thought I would never do it again. After Welcome to the Jungle, it seemed plausible. Turns out I still can.

Turning Japanese - It's true. It's so true.

Love Shack - Two older ladies liked Saker and my theatrics so much they wanted us to do Love Shack with them. Slightly creepy...

Larger Than Life - Saker and I dueted. Holy shit I love singing this song.

Amish Paradise - I don't like repeating artists in one night, but man, we got to sing alot last Friday. This can't be it, as I do believe I'm forgetting something.

Still, Chuck, Saker, and I rocked the house like we used to long ago.


And I drank so much Pepsi I felt kind of nauseous and couldn't sleep til... sixish.


Man, what else have I been doing. In periods of boredom, I've been pegging at the LewisVerse, even putting some work into the old site. (If you've no idea what the LV is, you'll be pretty lost within this cut.)Collapse )

What else... I've upgraded my RAM finally. I went from 256 MB to 1.25 GB, and it's made a noticeable difference. For one, AIM doesn't run at a lethargic speed anymore. Everything I ask it to do, it does immediately. Even better, Adobe Premiere loads in a reasonable amount of time, and doesn't crash when loading pictures any more. It also can operate at a tolerable speed when moving clips around.

With that new found breathing room I've begun toying with Premiere again, and decided to splice together a few tidbits from Animarathon IV of 2006.

I've been going through all my videos from my time abroad, and I'll hopefully add a few more videos to my account before Fall Semester.


Hey, I was in Japan, wasn't I? I kind of left you guys hanging, which is slightly rude.

I believe I left off in Tokyo with this image:

But where does this scenic road lead?Collapse )

And now I give you the last and final:Collapse )



June 30th, 2008

Long Ago...


Once upon a time there was a tub of Crisco and butter. It lived a good life, relatively peaceful and easygoing, yet it was not happy.

Tub of Crisco and Butter loved another tub, filled with flour and baking soda. But because Tub of Crisco and Butter was so filled with fat in his eyes, he felt no love for her, and Tub of Butter and Crisco wept.

And so in desperation, Tub of Crisco and Butter sought out other means of attention and she mixed with Tub of Assorted Sugars in hopes of inspiring jealousy in Tub of Flour and Baking Soda.

And so did the two mingle. No longer did were Tub of Crisco and Butter's affections directed towards Tub of Flour and Baking Soda, but Tub of Assorted Sugars, and soon jealous rage overcame him.

Flour and Baking Soda sought out his friend Carton of Eggs to extract revenge on Tub of Crisco and Butter, who had mingled with Tub of Assorted Sugars, and they set out to destroy the pair.

Yet Tub of Crisco and Butter's friend, 36oz. Bag of Semi-Sweet Chocolate Chips heard of the hateful pair's plans, and set out to defend his friend.

And so there was a great struggle between the five. Hatred and wretchedness flowed from their conflict. But as all seemed lost and the friends were poised to destroy each other, Vanilla arrived and enlightened them upon their differences.

And thus a massive orgy occurred between them, and they achieved true love and happiness, one and all.

Then I ate them, for they were delicious.


And that, dear children, is how chocolate chip cookies are born.

June 16th, 2008

Living in America

Well it's June 16th.

I once skipped all of June a ways back. It's something I shouldn't do.

What to update about?

Well, Steph is now in Japan, living only a ten minute walk or so from where I lived of all places.

I went to Wisconsin last weekend to see my eldest cousin graduate highschool. It was fun to see my mom's side of the family again. It was slightly sad though, as I think some of the family sees me as betraying my country and heritage to the Japanese. Not all of them, just one I hold a lot of respect for, so it is an unfortunate predicament.

Still, it's been two years since I saw them, so it was fun to catch up. My uncle also has a new sony digital camcorder, and he let me scour the graduation party with it which was loads of fun.

I went around getting testimonials from the party goers, that is until my cousin's ex crashed the party. He was kind of broken up over that and locked himself away in his room. My aunt had me and his brother go in and talk to him, and it went pretty well.

Then the lights flickered and there was this weird noise. We went outside to see what it was and the Statue of Liberty's head goes careening through the street. We figured the best way to stay safe was taking the Brooklyn Bridge, but that kind of backfired when something destroyed it.

We took subway tunnels to get to a military evac site, but were ambushed by giant insects that cause... balloon... syndrome. Anyways, it's gross and we lost a few to them, but we did make the choppers. Unfortunately whatever it was that was attacking the city kind of crashed our ride, and as I climbed from the wreckage it came over to investigate.

To make a long story short, it bit me in half and I died and now I'm up in heaven with St. Peter by the pearly gates, and its obvious he doesn't like the Nehru jacket that I'm wearing. He tells me that they've got a dress code. He lets me into heaven anyway, but I get the room next to a noisy ice machine for all eternity, and everyday Pete runs by screaming:

Everything you know is wrong
Black is white up is down and short is long
And everything you used to think was so important
Doesn't really matter anymore
Because the simple fact remains that
Everything you know is wrong just forget the words and sing along
All you need to understand is everything you know is wrong


Man... my friends list is going to want to kill me for this one...


So more Japan stuff... I left of at Yasukuni Jinja (shrine). That's the shrine wherein all of Japan's war dead are honored, regardless of their reasons for passing on. As such some names on there died after being hung for WWII war crimes. This doesn't make the shrine very popular for China or Korea, and it comes up quite frequently in Asian politics.

What it is very good for though, is a Japan centric view of history, especially through the early 1900s and World War II.

The GroundsCollapse )

And the hour is late, so sadly I must cut short the Tokyo exploits yet again. But do know that they do continue down this road to places wondrous and amazing.


I've seen Kung Fu Panda, The Incredible Hulk, and 21 since the last update. All were awesome movies. Although 21 was slightly depressing since those kids really did pull that Blackjack stunt off, in college. Sure Hollywood glorified it, but only a tad, and they didn't even cover the stuff they did in Europe. Europe! Kind of makes you sit back and think about what you did in college.

But hey, Japan's better than legally scamming casinos out of their ill earned money and living the Vegas high life on weekends.



Saker comes back Tuesday night. I will be making calls. Group fun times will be had.


Memes, then sleep.Collapse )

Later kids.

I'll try and be back with another update sooner, and preferably with a better degree of seriousness, but hey, it's 3:00 AM.

May 26th, 2008

"Well, I'm back."

Indeed, the nine month odyssey has been over for almost a week now, depending on how you look at it. Whether or not you consider being on the plane the end or not changes the phrase ever so slightly. The trans-Pacific flight was fun, as I got to see Cloverfield four times in a row. For those of you unfamiliar with me and my irrational love of giant monsters, reptiles, and dinos, no, that wasn't sarcasm. So far my record for spotting the Tagruato satellite is 3/7.

Reverse culture shock? Yeah, a bit. Every drink I get here is so... huge. Enormous. A Japanese large can't even compare to a small drink here. I swear they got larger while I was gone. American food is really greasy too.

I've seen most A-Town people, save... three, and for the two of you being across the state, that's understandable.

The whole Wedgewood/Iron Man reunion bit ended in fail, but not epic fail, as Chuck and I still saw to it that it was done. To counteract I tried organizing a large group to see a midnight screening of Indiana Jones and the Kingdom of the Crystal Skull which fared far better. In fact, out of everyone I contacted, only one didn't reply.

On both accounts, the movies were phenomenal and greatly enjoyed. If you haven't seen either, I do highly recommend.

Being an anime buff, I also made a point of seeing Speed Racer, which is much better than current public opinion seems to let on. Corny and cheesy as all Hell, but so was the show, and thus the film is authentic and hilarious. Chuck, Brandon, Crystal (or however that one is spelled), and I were enthralled and laughing nonstop. If you wrote the movie off as bad and not worth your time, you are missing out.

I also went karaokeing with Chuck and Andy at Quaker Steak on Friday where Chuck and I dueted Weird Al's "Dare to Be Stupid", which went over really well. I also tried to sing "Larger Than Life" with Andy, but my mic gave out shortly in. Sorry, no "It's my Life" this time, I usually have to wear out my voice before I feel I can pull that bit off. It was fun to karaoke again, but I really miss the Dash. It was also weird to see Andy do anything other than "Little China Girl".


So Japan.

Seeing as the last night was for packing, I spent my second to the last night on my balcony for about an hour or so just staring off at the skyline. It's cliche' but I did meet so many new and unique people, Japanese, American, and other, some of whom I'll miss quite a bit, along with Japan in general.

One Nanzan student is actually coming to BG in August though, so that's kind of cool.

It's weird being back now, feeling almost as if none of that had happened. Home's pretty much the same way I left it. I wonder how different BG will be since most of my classmates will have graduated.

It's also dominated by nasty Coke products now.

Anyways, while I may be back, I haven't chronicled the last of mine adventures, which I left you as a cliffhanger two entries ago.

I believe this was the picture I left you with...

So, as my last major hurrah before the end of my stay, I returned to Tokyo for one last go.Collapse )

To Be Continued...


The Things of Which Ed Ate

Not many of these left, are there?

This, is Japanese style barbecue. It is glorious, and it is delicious.

Meat in just about all forms come conveniently sliced in very small, thin slabs. When barbecuing, the grills are fired up and you take what you want an throw it across and reclaim it about two minutes later. It's alot of fun.

Also different, are the barbecue sauces used. When I was invited to a barbecue three years ago, I made the mistake of not remembering the awesome sauce used, and regretted the likelihood I would never see it again. Luckily, these guys had it too three years later, and I would not make the same mistake again.


So how about my parents are celebrating their 25th in Hawaii for an entire week. Steph and I went shopping for survival at Super Wal-Mart, and left with about as much junk food as real food.

Not a good sign for this Fall.

Anyway, something I do quite often when I return home is make chocolate chip cookies. It's fun, easy, and delicious. Super Wal-Mart was out of normal 12oz. chocolate morsel bags. BUT, they did have triple sized 36oz bags.

No problem, as the solution is quite simple; just use triple the rest of the ingredients.

Steph came up with the crazy notion of just measuring out a third of the bag, but that's just silly. Why make so little when you could make so much. Clearly we have been given a sign from the divinities that an epic amount of cookie dough must be prepared.

We are going to have so much cookie dough in the very near future.


May 18th, 2008

And So the Adventure Ends.

Poke G
I'm in Japan for less than 24 hours at this point, and I've said bye in person to as many people as I could.

It's funny, I found myself scrambling to say bye in the same fashion as when I first left America, to the same degree of limited success. Only this time around it is slightly worse, seeing as I have no idea when, or if I will return.

I head out at 4:00 in the afternoon, meaning it will be 3:00 in the morning for you guys. The trek will end and I will be home probably between 9:00 and 9:30, depending on whether or not there is consumption of food post airport but pre home.

Regardless, Tuesday I want to get pizza for lunch at Wedgewood, and see Iron Man, which is supposedly the greatest movie ever made if the internet speaks true. I put this info up to some of the Youngstown people on Facebook too, so some of you will hear about this twice. If you want in on either event, get back to me. This is moreso for Jeff and Andy, who have not the Facebook account for convenient messaging.


This has been an amazing nine months, and I will miss this place and some of the people I met very much. I do not look forward to the reverse culture shock in coming home. I got it last time after only a month away, and I hate to think what 9 months could do.

I already feel like I'm stepping out from limbo back into existence. Life's gone on and changed back home while I kind of just sat on the side watching from afar.

Anyway, I have more to do at the moment before I leave, so I shall expand upon this later. I just felt it necessary to do one final post from Japan before the laptop shuts down.

I'll leave you with a micro entry in The Things of Which Ed Ate saga.

The legendary Teriyaki Burger, from McDonald's. It's no secret that the chain extensively regionalizes their menu, even within our own country. The BigMac is about the only constant worldwide, which is true even here where half of the menu are Japanese appealing burgers. The tastiest and staple of McDonald's Japanese entrees is this baby. A burger soaked in teriyaki sauce with lettuce and mayo. Simple, but popular and good.

And that's that...

Later, Japan.

May 12th, 2008

Passing the Time...


To seek answers is a daunting task, for there is neither origin nor end. Yet this is something we all do at some point in time, and some shape or form. From studying the extent of universe, to contemplating one's own purpose. To question why. Why in events. Why in appearance. Why in others. Why in chance. Why in being.

Is life limited to that which is around me. Everything I perceive, in truth, is chemical and electrical reactions, the very same that cause thought and realization.

Is there any difference between what I envision and what is before me?

What is the extent of human power?

What is our purpose?

What is my purpose?

I sit back and think about the things I've done and people I've met, and the ironies and coincidences behind them. Life at times, seems to fall into place, other times a cruel joke. How much control do I have? What must I accept unquestionably, and what can I mold for myself?

What causes my contentment?

I know when I am content and at peace, but not why?

To stare off and lose myself in the falling snow, vast forests, the stars in the sky...

I seek answers I may never find.


What's up kids?

Where did I leave off with you guys? Ise... the dance... alright then.



I found out what it was, and I feel retarded. Ise is the shrine of Japan, dedicated to Amaterasu, the Sun Goddess and Japan's reason for being. It also houses one of Japan's three imperial treasures, the Sacred Mirror. I've already been to Atsuta Jingu right here in Nagoya where the Kusanagi is kept, another of the imperial treasures.

Although that's what the shrines claim, as there existence is legend and none are allowed to see the treasures.

I wish I had known this about Ise at the time. Oh well, it was still fun.

So about a week ago (a little over I guess), I returned with a friend to one of the sites I saw on my trip three years ago. In 2005 Nagoya had the honor of hosting the World Expo (aka World's Fair) with a theme of the coexistence of advancement and nature. I found out that the park still exists and is now known as Morikoro Koen, after the Expo's mascots Morizo and Kikoro (who were extremely popular).

The park is very different now that all the exhibits are gone, with only a few permanent structures remaining and a few new sport related complexes and fields. The grand circular walkway, which was this giant bridge-like... thing is gone and the park feels only about half of the size it once was. The lifts are all gone two, but the massive ferris wheel remains.

The forest end of the park on the other hand is virtually unchanged.Collapse )


What else have I done? Well with time dwindling I've been hitting places in Nagoya, with more to come.

Currently I've hit places such as...Collapse )



Look at me. I'm Andy!


While on the topic of food (sort of?)...

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What's this, running out of time.

Where on Earth has Ed headed off to now?

Will he reveal the location?

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May 6th, 2008

So my semester is over, and I have one lone final to do next Tuesday.

This leaves quite a bit of free time, and I've been formulating plans on what to do with it. I will share on them in time, but first, I might as well cover up to the end of the semester, which is one Hell of a recap.

Where to start?

Perhaps with Ise Jingu.Collapse )


Being the end of the semester for us, but the start of the new school year for the Japanese students, my dorm held its fundraiser dance again. Here you can see everyone being given the rundown before the event starts.

Spring DanceCollapse )


So recently a crazy announcement was made. Midway acquired the DC Comics license, and taking a page out from Capcom's playbook, they are making Mortal Kombat vs. DC Universe. The part of me that loves crossovers is ecstatic. The part of me that loves good crossovers... not so much. No fatalities, and let's face it, you'd rather see DC take on Marvel and Capcom rather than the Kombatants. There's even a MUGEN project out there that tried to do it, and was authentic enough in what they had done to fool me into believing the DC characters actually had a 2D fighter out there.

But regardless, it got me to thinking about all the crossovers I've seen, and there have been quite a few. The Mask and Ace Ventura met up once, simply for sharing the same actor, and the Turtles took one the Power Rangers in Space. I wrote up a list of every crossover I knew of, and of course it pales to the real number, and ranked the top 10 greatest crossovers.

Great encompasses both personal joy caused at seeing the pairing, and overall impact to crossovers in general. The crossover must be official (although not necessarily cannon), and the properties origins cannot originate from within the same company, which tosses out crossovers like The Avengers, Destroy All Monsters, Smash Bros., and Flintsones Meet the Jetsons. If a company created them, they're going to do a mashup sooner or later, it's their obligation.

However, a company can purchase the rights from previous owners, that's fine. So Batman (having been created by Bob Kane) and Superman (by Jerry Seigel) being united after their creation under DC actually works, although it did not make the top 10.

So enjoy!

#10 - Nike Goes Plum Loco

Back in the late 80s and early 90s, Basketball was America's greatest sport. Why? The sport simply had the most superstars to offer. Magic Johnson, Larry Bird, Charles Barkley, and the legend himself, Michael Jordan are only a few of the personas that graced the public image. Basketball players did endorsement deals to death, and the sporting companies of course loved it. The most recognizable Basketball supporter: Nike. Basketball and Nike were inseperable at that time, and Nike pulled out all the stops to keep that attention. Thus the world was treated to Michael Jordan and Bugs Bunny teaming up for two commercials, which would inspire Space Jam. Thanks to Space Jam, everyone remembers this as the prime NBA crossover, forgetting that Nike pulled a similar stunt pairing up Charles Barkley and Godzilla.

Sadly the film follow-up has yet to develop, although Dark Horse obliged with a comic book. I'm still hoping.

#9 - The Impossible Movie

When thinking of crossovers, I always forget about this one. However, its importance should never be taken for granted. Warner Bros. and Disney are two gigantic corporations who answer to no one. NO ONE! Yet the impossible happened and Warner Bros. licensed out their characters to Disney for a movie about cartoon characters being real. Yes, I speak of Who Framed Roger Rabbit? Corporate egos were cast aside for an idea that just appealed, and helped make the film as real as it could be. And so audiences everywhere got to see the battle of the Ducks, and the companies' two mascots Bugs and Mickey, on screen at the same time. Quite literally as equal screen time between the two was a prerequisite for the deal.

#8 - The Greatest Fighting Series Ever

Street Fighter was an awesome game that I played all the time with my friends. X-Men was an awesome show that I watched all the time with my friends (cause I didn't have cable). They were two of the defining parts of my first grade year. Eventually, Mortal Kombat, Killer Instinct, the Power Rangers, and the Biker Mice From Mars would all throw these two awesome things out of the spotlight for a few years.

Then, late in fourth grade while browsing the Southern Park Mall arcade, a deep triumphant voice shouted from behind.




Those of you who know the game know the call I speak of. I spun around to be greeted by the image or Ryu and Cyclops locking hands in an eternal friendship that blew my God damn mind. I was unaware of Street Fighter Alpha at this point, and the new gameplay, graphics, and super moves that could obliterate certain stages, complete with X-Men authentically ripped from the TV series was beyond fun, and I found myself reintroduced into the Street Fighter series.

The two teams would later invite their friends for two equally amazing rounds of Marvel vs. Capcom, but X-Men vs. Street Fighter was the first, the proof of concept, and the one that took most of my quarters.

#7 - The Illogical Crossover

I use the word illogical here not in a negative sense, but in the completely out of the blue never in a million years would you have put these two things together sense. Yet one day while sitting in 10th grade biology, Andy passes me his gaming magazine to point out Kingdom Hearts.

Disney and Square Enix were making a video game together, and Final Fantasy VII characters were going to be in it. While the game is primarily based around the Disney universes and some original characters, the inclusion of the FFVII cast make it a true crossover that spawned two more games that crossed over even more by throwing in more Final Fantasies and some of Disney's live action films, namely TRON. God. Damn. TRON. TRON 2.0 may have failed to become a movie, but the spirit of that crazy film lives on. I've got my fingers crossed for a Black Hole world in Kingdom Hearts III.

#6 - The Comic Giants

Comic books. They're everywhere, and their influence is seen throughout American, and even worldwide, society. While there are numerous comic book companies, only two have a history spanning 50 years, and thus are understandably the largest and most powerful, controlling the most, and most recognizable, heros and villains. Marvel, and DC.

I could go any way with this, and talk about any of their many crossovers, including the card game VS., in which you could unleash an army of MIGHTY SENTINELS on Bruce Wayne's poor butler Alfred.


Hell yeah.

Name any DC hero/villain (Superman, Batman, Green Lantern, Joker, DarkSeid, Justice League), then any Marvel hero/villain (Spiderman, IronMan, X-Men, Dr. Doom, Avengers), then have them meet up, and you have yourself an epic winner. The ridiculous simplicity of the formula is what kept it from being higher on the list. That and the fact that as long as Warner Bros. hangs on to DC, we ain't seeing filmed versions anytime soon. They can't even do a normal DC crossover right, and they've held the reigns for over twenty years.

#5 - The Debate of Our Childhood is Settled

Growing up, video games rocked. Pre 1989, there was only one name that graced the mind when video games were brought up, Nintendo. True, there was the Master System, but that failed miserably stateside. Then came the Sega Genesis, Sega's entry into the 16 bit generation, followed by Nintendo's own entry, the Super Nintendo. Sega, to push it's name out of obscurity and become a threat created a campaign to trash Nintendo's family image. Sega was cool, and Nintendo wasn't, or at least that's what they wanted you to believe. To counter Nintendo's iconic Mario, Sega created the lightning fast, fast talking Sonic the Hedgehog. Throughout the 90s, you either took sides, or bought both systems like I did. Even when taking that easy way out, I longed to see the two companies go at it with their mascots, but aside from low blows in commercials and gaming magazines, it was all but a dream.

Until 2008. Though the days of Sega consoles are long gone, a horde of gaming fans remembered the ancient rivalry, and when Nintendo opened it's doors for a third party character to enter the formally Nintendo only arena of the Smash Bros. world, there was only one choice. One.

Sonic crushed opposition in the polls, and Nintendo lived up to its word and held secret meetings with the heads of Sega over a licensing compromise. While we still were unsure of the legitamcy of Nintendo's poll, Sega announced an Olympic themed crossover between Mario and Sonic, and our hopes and dreams suddenly gained a new momentum. Then in late 2007 Nintendo countered Segas announcement with their own, Sonic was in Brawl.

And now in one of the greatest fighters of our time, every gamer who was a child in the days of Super and Genesis can relive the greatest rivalry they have ever known right in their own home.

God bless you, Sakurai. Bless you.

#4 - The Grand Daddy of Them All

If doing a top ten crossover list, an obligatory space must be reserved for the one that started it all. Long, long ago, movies were popular. You could go out on the town, pay a nickel, and see five cartoons, two moving pictures, eat a tub of popcorn, and have a pair of sodas for you and the missus. Even then, in the early days of cinema, there were characters so beloved, either in full length features or shorts, that they would return again and again.

Then one day Universal Pictures had an idea. It was a crazy idea, unheard of... unfathomable even. They would answer the ancient and age old question: Who would win in a fight between Frankenstein and the Wolf Man. Universal was in the midst of their golden age of horror pictures, and as such held the rights to both characters. Thus a canon story was whipped up, serving as a true sequel to both monsters previous film. The success of this novel idea resurfaced in more crossover pictures with other horror icons, and even Abbot and Costello.

They laughed, laughed and scorned, but Universal showed that the world would pay to see pop culture icons go at each other on screen, and paved the way for every other entry on this list. Including the next three, which beat this only for achieving better name recognition as the pinnacle examples of crossoverdom.

Who's lauging now?

So then, let's recap:

10) Nike Ads
9) Who Framed Roger Rabbit?
8) X-Men vs. Street Fighter (and sequels)
7) The Kingdom Hearts series
6) Anytime Marvel and DC go at it
5) Super Smash Bros. Brawl (specifically the guests)
4) Frankenstein Meets the Wolf Man

And so without further ado I give you...Collapse )


With time running out and a backlog of items to show to you, today we shall have an extended episode of...Collapse )


Make sure you see parts 2 and 3, they get a lot better.

And with that, I'm out hipcats.

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