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Poke'-G Warlord

Guess Who's a College Grad.

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Guess Who's a College Grad.

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Heeeeeyyyy LJ.

Long time no see, buddy.

Sssso, how was April?


Yeah, sorry about that guys. LJ definitely took a back seat this year, but I haven't given up on it yet. I'll try to get back into the swing over summer and be using it bi weekly once I go back to Japan in August.

Holy crap, August. I'm no longer a college student, and I have a teaching job lined up through JET. Scary and exciting times await. Life as I knew it for the past five years is about to radically change, and I could be outside the US for five years or more depending on how life stacks up.

Weirder still is this time I'll be in Japan with other people I know. Alicia and Bill of ANO fame are already there, Steph is studying abroad in Osaka, Dan (a friend from early BG) is also with JET, as is Sara (one of the room mates this past year).

And now even Saker has a shot at going there too.




So my last real update was in January.

Alot has happened since then... alot. Overall, the year was pretty awesome. Even with it being my final year I still met a ton of amazing new people, and living with Steph, Sara, and Erin was fun. I guess the biggest news I just covered above, but what else happened...

Animarathon VII

We had over 1600 people attend, which blew all the officers away. We prepped badges on card stock for 1500 and felt that was a safe estimate considering the 972 from the year before. Personally I had hoped for a jump of around 200, so 638 really caught me off guard.

Good luck to next year's crew, as I honestly have no way of trying to predict attendance. Hopefully BG will have the kinks worked out of the store and pre-reg can be used as more than an experiment.


What else...

My home is being almost entirely renovated. The kitchen and bathroom were already done when I returned home this month, and they are completely different than what I've known for the past 21 years. The floors have been refinished, and currently we are repainting the living room, hallway, and dining room.

With moving two college students back in on top of all this, the home is literally a war zone. Neither of us had much of an opportunity to unpack and put away stuff before the next round of remodeling started, and so everything is piled all over the place.

But at least the kitchen and bathroom look nice.


I think I'll finish for now. Once I can hook my laptop up to the net I can post pictures and such in the next update.

Later kids.
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